About us

We don’t believe in USPs – but in being skilled at what you say you are. The work will speak for itself. But we are unique in the way that we are:

  • A business ran solely by freelancers

  • Pop-up marketing & support people – we’re people, not just an ‘agency’

  • We partner brands with Influencers & understand Influencer Marketing in ways other businesses don’t

  • Experiential events & product launches

Our Freelancers are different – they are a mix of hardworking global people who know what they are talking about and believe in results speaking over ‘consultancy buzz words’.

The Founder

Born in Wales and grew up in a small town. Between fighting the female revolution and battle for equality at just age 15 she got offered an opportunity to work with Channel 4. This kickstarted her passion and career in entrepreneurship and she continued this along side a successful eBay business with the Chinese market.

She won an 20 under 20 award from Janet Jackson and continued to build her career at University. After leaving she worked in Recruitment and very quickly decided marketing was more for her. She worked for James Caan, the NHS and other local & Global businesses specialising in content creation and social media storytelling.