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2018 – The Year of the Micro Influencer!

The search by brand marketers for consumer engagement has led to the continued growth and funding of the social media influencer that has made millionaires of some vloggers and online celebrities the world over. The benefits of these Influencers have been well-established in multiple areas, Falcon.io have done some fantastic research surrounding it.

So, what’s the next step for these brands? It’s all about the long-term game. Brands are managing these relationships with Influencers and both sides of the party being well compensated.

All hail the dawn of ‘Micro Influencers!’

These influencers are fast gaining more traction for creating genuine engagement from their small circle of loyal followers. The following they have are continuously engaged and could be more engaged for the ‘right reasons’. But what does that mean? How do these accounts really benefit businesses and brands?

A recent study by Experticity discussed some key points that should be taken note of.

The key findings included:

  • 82% of consumers are “highly likely” to follow a recommendation made by a micro-influencer
  • Micro Influencers have 22% more ‘buying conversations’ than an average consumer
  • Users with 1000-4000 followers receive 4.5% engagement

Studies show those Influencers with more than 100,000 followers managed to only get 1.7% engagement on average although with the numbers calculated it would be more useful for a study to go deeper into the engagement. To get to the heart of the engagement and see if these are engagements, discussions or one-off conversations from other ‘wannabe influencers’.

But the question is, in this pay-to-play world of social media marketing, is it worth paying excessive amounts of money for a celebrity sponsored post when their masses of followers are so diverse?

Are their followers even real? Are they bots? How many of those followers would constitute a business’ target audience or are they just guessing? And most of all, are these followers even interacting with these posts? Are they active or are they just collecting in what’s often seen as a ‘follow for follow’ mindset?

What do you think about the rise of the Micro Influencer?



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