We focus on what we are good at:

Social Media Management

All things social media, from digital strategy to community management…

Content Creation

Graphics, visuals, videos – everything you need to tell you story.


Events should speak for themselves, so how about Empowering Women or the Big Influencer Showcase.

Influencer Marketing

Hachi Digital leads the way in Influencer marketing & seeks to engage both Influencers and brands in order for them to understand the best ways to work together.

At Hachi Digital we have a process for Influencers to work with brands on campaigns & this has achieved highly successful results. This is based on vetting the right influencers to work with the right brands, it’s all about the brands goals & pairing them with the right person who has the right audience, skills set & storytelling ability.

We use a x6 tier metric system to vet influencers we work with – this includes them pitching back to us when it comes to campaigns.

Influencer Management

We create bespoke media kits and offer Influencers and bloggers Consultations on how they can benefit from being more business orientated, goal driven and confident in their core skills. Our Influencer Manager also does group training courses in this area bi-monthly.


Your brand needs an identity that reflects clarity and shines a light on what you do.  We make sure everybody understands your brand.

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