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 The aim of the campaign was to increase sales by launching a Summer Flash Sale across the whole online shop.


We knew that our audience responded well both to email marketing and paid advertising when a discount is introduced, so here is how we approached it:


  • Created a sign-up paid campaign to drive as many subscriptions to the newsletter as possible.

  • Created a three days campaign that ran over the time of the Flash Sale

  • Adapted the Social Media and Instagram story calendar to be 100% Flash Sale focused with both designed and repurposed imagery.


BUDGET: £300

+70 people signed up to the newsletter as a result of the adverts 

+60% increase in sales over the 3 days the campaign was running

+500 clicks to the website in 72 hours (+200 through paid advert campaigns)

+217% reach – this is how many more people were being reached thanks to the campaign

26.6% returning visitors of returning customers (+50% compared to previous month) and 73.4% being new users.





REVENUE: £1707 (+2.4K% compared to the previous month)

Having beautiful and compelling content across your website and Social Media is essential. 

Visual content is your differentiator from other brands and can really help in telling your story to your audience. 

Whether it's photos or videos, we know what makes good content and we will collaborate with a range of photographers and videographers to achieve your desired content goals. 

In need of beautiful imagery and interested in working with us?


Here are some snaps from our most recent works: